Monday, July 25, 2011

Official Cabbie of Glover Park

If you ever wander north of Georgetown into Glover Park and it starts to rain, chances are you are going to need a taxi.

Say hello to the neighborhood cabbie. He was doing stretches on the sidewalk this morning before his day shift.

I guess I would want a ride around the city from a man wearing sweat bands, a bandana and Starter boxerbriefs hanging out just north of his Kirkland brand sweat shorts.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Piano Belt, or how to pay the parking meter

Obvi, there are two ways to pay a parking meter in Glover Park.

The first way is to put your money in the meter and walk away.

The second way is to roll up your jean shorts and look at the meter for a long time.

You think to yourself: "Boy, it would B major pain (get it?) if I didn't have enough money." So, you go to your car to get more change. With a piano key belt on.